3 Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding


  1. Clean Gutters: Clogged gutters cause water buildup, which can drip down your home’s exterior and moisten your home’s foundation. Overtime, this moisture can seep into your basement, causing flooding. To avoid this reality, be sure to clean your home’s gutters regularly.
  2. Sloping Lawns: Which way does your lawn slope? If your lawn slopes toward your house, water can roll easily down into your basement. Consider lawn resloping to protect against flooding.
  3. Flood Alarm: If your basement does flood, it helps to have a flood alarm. Triggered by rising water levels, a flood alarm sounds to warn you that damage is a foot.

Would you like to put a flood alarm in your basement? Flood Buster offers easy to use, and durable, flood alarms, to notify you immediately if flooding occurs.


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